Terrie Rodman PCD(DONA), LC
Postpartum Certified Doula

terrie and motherHello, I'm Terrie. As a doula, I bring support to mothers and your family as you welcome your baby into the world. Click the links to the left to learn more about me and my services

I am a grandmother three times and an “adopted” granny to many. As an art therapist in Hawaii, my clientele were usually children or children and their relatives. I have always been involved with “ohana,” or family and in service to that entity. I helped to found and act as president of a non profit organization in the arts which benefited children in out-of –school-art programs, teens at risk art and healing programs, and classes in the arts.

The organization’s success has been the model for other such programs and continues to grow and evolve. I retired to Oregon in 2001, where I thought I would garden, create art and just enjoy. Soon, I was a volunteer for the American Red Cross, thickly involved in volunteer support and training, disaster response, and liaison work. I soon found myself working 40 to 50 hours a week as the Volunteer Disaster Coordinator and preparedness leader. This led me to a new career in Disaster Preparedness and training predominantly in the mental health field in the state of Oregon.